Corpse Husband's Purported 2021 Face Reveal Resurfaces After YouTuber Covers Controversy And Accidentally Doxxes Him Again

March 8th, 2023 - 3:54 PM EST by Adam Downer

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It's been just about 18 months since Corpse Husband, once the sexiest voice on YouTube and Twitch, had his identity purportedly doxxed by Kiwi Farms users, and his face (famously kept hidden) was supposedly revealed to the world.

corpse husband face reveal

The "reveal" was never confirmed to be Corpse Husband, but shortly after the incident, he stopped streaming and focused more on music and voice acting. Corpse cited the tremendous pressure he faced in the public eye as his reason to stop streaming, but his influence and fandom remain present on social media.

Though there aren't any particularly new developments in the tale of Corpse Husband, he trended on social media again this morning after his purported "face reveal" went viral a second time.

While it's not confirmed what caused the reveal to trend again, it seems likely that it had to do with a video by YouTuber Shampee, who posted a video on his YouTube channel going into the situation 18 months ago and discussing what happened to Corpse Husband since.

shampee twitter corpse husband

The video did incredibly well for Shampee, racking up 1.8 million views in just a day, far greater than the sub-3,000 views his other uploads usually rack up. However, YouTube deleted the video because Shampee had accidentally doxxed Corpse Husband in the video by reposting some of the uncensored screenshots from Kiwi Farm's initial dox of him in 2021.

youtube team justification

In essence, social media just got to live through the entire Corpse Husband face reveal controversy all over again, leaving the fiasco with no information on Corpse Husband's identity, as he wants.

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