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Alleged Corpse Husband Face Reveal

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Corpse Husband Face Reveal refers to the September 2021 alleged leaking of YouTuber Corpse Husband's face, who has notoriously refrained from showing his face in public. The picture alleged to be the faceless YouTuber divided viewers, as some found him unexpectedly dorky looking, while his fans tended to think the backlash was cruel and doubted if the picture was him at all.


YouTuber Corpse Husband soared in popularity in the late 2010s and early 2020s thanks primarily to his music, horror narration, Among Us gameplay, his song "E-girls Are Ruining My Life," and his extraordinarily deep voice. As of January 2022, CORPSE has over 2.68 million subscribers, and the main channel Corpse Party went from over 1 million subscribers to over 7.16 million from 2020 to 2022. He has yet to do a face reveal, and has gone so far as to do a "hand reveal" to tease fans wanting to know what he looks like.

On September 21st, users on KiwiFarms[8] worked to dox Corpse Husband, pulling together a list of circumstantial clues that they used to identify someone who they believed was Corpse Husband along with several photos of the person. On September 22nd, Twitter user @reptile_penguin[2] posted a picture of what is allegedly Corpse Husband's face, writing, "Babe wake up. Corpse husband face reveal just dropped." As of September 29th, 2021, there is no confirmation the picture is actually Corpse Husband.

Nog @Reptile_Penguin Babe wake up. Corpse husband face reveal just dropped LIGH 7:23 PM · Sep 22, 2021 · Twitter for Android


As the picture spread on Twitter, some users mocked it for being less attractive than the image fans of Corpse Husband have in their heads. On September 23rd, 2021, Twitter user @kiwimech[1] posted the picture, saying "Corpse Husband face reveal! not as he advertised, sorry fangirls, lol," gaining over 60 retweets, 800 quote-tweets, and 500 likes (shown below, left). On September 25th, user @adddriiianaa[3] posted several pictures alleged to be Corpse Husband, writing, "y'all were simping over this man??? corpse husband leaked corpse leak corpse husband face."

iO Not a Palindrome @kiwimech Corpse Husband face reveal! not as he advertised, sorry fangirls, lol. #corpsehusband LIVE Doo LALKH ey

As the mocking posts spread, Corpse Husband fans voiced their disappointment and anger at the backlash. User @olminay[4] posted, "I’m not even a corpse husband fan but the way ppl switched up on him Bc of a “face reveal” is wrong as hell. This man is chronically ill and they expect him to look like a god knowing damn well they look like Gollum themselves. Y’all are just so…," gaining over 70 retweets and 1,500 likes (shown below, left). There was also significant doubt that the person posted was Corpse Husband, with several people likening the reveal to the alleged Dream face leak, in which a picture of similarly anonymous YouTuber Dream allegedly leaked, but turned out to not be the Minecraft YouTuber. User @lowkeyashark[5] compared the two incidents, gaining over 320 retweets and 4,200 likes (shown below, right). The situation was covered by multiple websites, including Dexerto[6] and Heavy.[7]

sarah @lowkeyashark even if it's not corpse husband it's still a person. y'all did the same s--- with dream and harassed a random guy. just say you're insecure and move on WANNA adaily dreamteatm FIGHT

2023 Revival

In March of 2023, social media saw a second wave of posts alleging that the "face reveal" from 2021 had happened again. While it's unconfirmed what caused the second wave, days before the posts, YouTuber Shampee had uploaded a video documenting the initial controversy and what happened to Corpse Husband in the aftermath, nearly gaining 2 million views. However, he included uncensored information present in the Kiwi Farms doxing of Corpse Husband, and YouTube deleted the video.

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ah yes the tolerant and progressive Twitter users who bullied this man into apologizing for reading the word "dyke" out loud for a video narration ASKED BY A LESBIAN HERSELF turns out to hate the same man just because he didn't look like their favorite k-pop singer like they thought he did and the image's probably not even real. nothing says "tolerant" better than hating someone just for being less than ideally attractive


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