'Dream' Purportedly Selected As The New 'CEO Of Minecraft,' Claims Google Is Acquiring The Game

March 31st, 2023 - 2:39 PM EDT by Phillip Hamilton

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Note claiming Dream is CEO of Minecraft, left, Dream holding #1 Minecraft YouTuber trophy, right.

According to a new video posted by Minecraft YouTuber Dream, Google has seemingly chosen him as the new "CEO and Head of Foreign Relations" for Minecraft, also revealing that Google purportedly has plans to acquire the massively popular game.

The video, which documents Dream unboxing a gift from YouTube, was posted to his channel as a Short earlier today. In the box is a custom trophy of an arm holding a Minecraft block, celebrating Dream as the "#1 Minecraft YouTuber."

What's more interesting, though, is a card inside the box that claims Google is acquiring Minecraft and has decided to name Dream the "Chief Financial officer and Head of Foreign Relations" for the game.

The viral video gained over 300,000 views in six hours and quickly spread across social media, inspiring reactions from many. Some are congratulating Dream for his supposed new role at Minecraft. Others, however, doubt the legitimacy of the video, hypothesizing that it's a setup for an April Fools' Day prank.

Dream teased the video several times on his private Twitter account leading up to the upload, but has not claimed that it is or isn't a prank.

The video has also gotten people discussing the possibility of Google acquiring Minecraft. One Twitter user pointed out the fact that a Chromebook version of Minecraft was announced earlier this month as evidence that the information shared in the video could be true.

Until April Fools' Day comes and passes this weekend, it looks like Minecraft and Dream fans alike will just have to wait and see.

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