Former Warren Staffers Criticized For Getting Ink That Looks A Lot Like Holocaust Tattoos

March 10th, 2020 - 12:58 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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Warren Staffer getting liberty green hex code tattoo

Elizabeth Warren's campaign ended last week, and any of her staffers and supporters have been open about their grief. Some, however, may have taken it a step too far.

This morning, Twitter was facepalming at a few former Warren staffers who got matching tattoos. The tattoos read #B7E4CF, which is the Hex color code for Liberty Green, a color used as the theme for the Warren campaign. The tattoos appear handwritten and have been placed on the staffers' inner arm.

If a tattoo that is a combination of handwritten letters and numbers on the arm sounds familiar to you, you're not alone. You're probably thinking of something like this:

That is a holocaust tattoo, a handwritten combination of letters and numbers that appear on the arm. Many were extremely quick to point this out.

At least some were more charitable than others?

Eventually, Raquel Breternitz, the staffer pictured above, apologized and said she would take steps to modify the tattoo.

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While the tattoo is melodramatic and stupid, I think, the reactions are just fucking absurd. It vaguely reminds them of something else so it must be mocking that thing and therefore they should be angry? Get a fucking hobby. Get off twitter. Jesus.


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