Kendrick Lamar Performs 'Not Like Us' Five Times During Streamed Concert, Internet Memes On The Destruction Of Drake

June 20th, 2024 - 1:51 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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Kendrick Lamar the Roman emperor tweet.

Kendrick Lamar had his first concert since his highly publicized feud with Drake earlier this year. The "Pop Up" concert in Inglewood was in celebration of Juneteenth and was streamed on Amazon.

This meant any interested party around the world could watch what amounted to a celebratory stomping on Drake's grave.

The set opened with "Euphoria," Kendrick's opening salvo in the feud, setting the tone for the evening. Many fans knew every word and gleefully shouted along.

After Kendrick played some of his non-Drake-related hits, the unquestionable highlight of the evening came when Kendrick played "Not Like Us," unquestionably the catchiest of the songs Kendrick released in the feud, five consecutive times.

Each time, the crowd rapped along with every word, to the point in which Kendrick barely had to rap at all. During one performance, NBA players Demar DeRozan Russell Westbrook and much of the West Coast's hip-hop scene joined Kendrick on stage.

The display read like the complete destruction of Drake to many onlookers, as Lamar essentially had a stadium full of fans, celebrities and athletes deliriously voicing how much they despised Drake through Kendrick's "Not Like Us" lyrics.

While the various "Not Like Us" dance challenges and memes, plus the supplementary BBL Drizzy remixes, were indications of the public's feelings on the feud, last night's concert felt like hard proof that much of the country was firmly Team Kendrick.

Kendrick's victory lap led to a renewed outpouring of memes and commentary hyping Lamar up, with many comparing him to some of pop culture's greatest villains.

sasuke Kendrick the boogeyman

Drake has not performed since the feud, but he certainly has a high bar to meet if he wants to try to show the same level of muscle as Kendrick did last night.

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