L.A. Lakers World Searches For Missing Diehard Fan 'Vivian,' Only To Discover She May Never Have Existed

April 20th, 2021 - 3:37 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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It has certainly been a very active news day in sports around the globe. While Europe has been up in arms about a proposed Super League that may be on the brink of not happening after continent-wide protests, the Los Angeles Lakers fandom has been glued to a story about a missing, diehard Lakers fan and podcaster who may be a total catfish.

The saga of Vivian Flores, the Lakers podcaster, diehard fan and cancer patient started yesterday after her co-host, Josh Toussaint, tweeted that Vivan was missing. "Hey Lakers family, – Vivian Flores (@Butterfly_424) is missing – 5’5” – May or may not be wearing a wig bc she’s going through leukemia treatment – From Santa Monica – DM me if you have a lead or may see her – Love you all and stay safe," he wrote.

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This was a big deal among the Lakers online community, so much so that the Lakers official Twitter account signal boosted the tweet. O'Shea Jackson, Ice Cube's son, also signal boosted it. A few hours later, Josh Toussaint tweeted that she was found safe and everything was fine.

This is where things start getting bananas. People began questioning why only Toussaint publically expressed any concern about Flores. Why wasn't her family involved? In the search, a Twitter user went through Flores' old tweets to find someone she was interacting with in 2009, "@ChumZilla." @ChumZilla said she was a catfish.

As the catfish rumor got around, Twitter user @ItsKingsBruh confessed in a Twitter Spaces conversation that he believed he was catfished by Vivian Flores, as he fell for her over Twitter DMs but she refused to meet him in person or get on FaceTime with him. NBA superstar Kevin Durant was also in that room and poked fun at @itskingsbruh for his lack of experience with women.

Twitter users were able to go back through "Vivian's" photos and quickly realized the hack photoshop jobs the account was pulling to make her look real.

At this point, now highly-dubious "Vivian" tweeted affirming her existence in reality, writing, "Y'all be on here, hearing the side of the story of one guy and then automatically assume he is right about everything. I have people on here that can verify who I am. I don't need to prove anything to anyone. As for me going missing, yes it happened.I passed out from my treatment." She also tweeted a picture of herself holding a photo with her name—albeit with "Vivien" misspelled— to prove her existence. Her account is now deleted.

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So now the question was, who the heck even is "Vivian" if not the gorgeous, cancer-stricken Lakers podcaster. Eyes immediately turned to her co-host Josh Toussaint, except Josh claims that he too was catfished.

Not everyone was convinced. Some believe that Toussaint had been manipulating his own voice to sound like a woman's in order to have a podcast co-host who would laugh at his jokes.

As of now, there are three possible theories: the first is that Vivian is in fact real and this has all been a huge misunderstanding. The second is that Toussaint has been pretending to be Vivian this whole time and is trying to sell that he's been duped now that the jig is up. The third is that "Vivian" is an unknown third party and nobody knows who is actually running the account. Oh, what a tangled web NBA Twitter weaves.

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