Latest Bizarre Political Conspiracy Suggests Vice President Kamala Harris Has Gills

February 14th, 2023 - 2:15 PM EST by Adam Downer

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With all the wild conspiracies that have gained traction in recent years, the days when people merely suspected politicians were secret lizard people, aka "reptilians," seem quaint.

This makes it almost sweet that conspiracy theorists are now suggesting Vice President Kamala Harris has gills.

The "gill" conspiracy is a branch of a larger conspiracy theory suggesting that Harris was actually not present at last Tuesday's State of the Union address and was, in fact, a body double. The evidence supporting this claim is that Harris' neck is a little wrinkly, suggesting that it's either a body double wearing a Kamala Harris mask or that she has gills like a fish.

The theory appears to have started on TikTok earlier this month, where user @deelovesroberto posted an innocuous clip of Harris and suggested both the body double and fish gills theory. It then spread through Twitter's conspiracy theorist accounts, where it gained decent traction over the last week.


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It seems the conspiracy theorists are ignoring a more likely explanation for Harris' neck — that the Vice President, 58, merely has wrinkles.

While many found the "Kamala Harris body double" conspiracy self-evidently ridiculous, Snopes did step in and fact-check the claim, dubbing it "false."

"Harris is not a reptilian creature with gills," wrote a presumably very tired Snopes writer. "The appearance of sagging skin around the neck is largely due to the angle of the head and the camera in some instances, and her own aging."

Though it seems safe to assume that Kamala Harris is not some sort of The Shape of Water-esque fish creature, the conspiracy is par for the course of modern conspiracies. In recent years, Melania Trump, football player Damar Hamlin and Britney Spears have all been subject to "body double" conspiracies.

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