Man Goes Viral For Destroying Walmart's Supply Of Busch Light, Though Most Commenters Think He Meant To Go For Bud Light

April 18th, 2023 - 1:43 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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topeka man destroying busch light

Two months ago, Busch Light unveiled new designs for its cans and cases of light beer, making the case resemble a fishing tackle box and the cans prominently feature art related to fishing. Judging from a viral video now spreading on TikTok and Twitter, one customer may have been very unhappy about that — well, either that or the Dylan Mulvaney thing.

@chandlerdavidson24 I guess he didnt like the new buschlight cans😂💀#buschlight #fthepolice #walmart ♬ original sound – Chandler Davidson

The TikTok clip, captured by user @charlesdavidson24 yesterday, shows an angry man reportedly in Topeka, Kansas, destroying cases of Busch Light in a Walmart. He smashes several boxes on the ground and chucks some cans at nosy onlookers before Topeka police arrive and peacefully take him away.

"I guess he didn't like the new Busch Light cans," joked the TikToker in the post.

Considering the general hysteria around Anheuser-Busch in recent weeks, others believed the man was so incensed by Busch Light's sister brand (Bud Light) partnering with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney for a single internet ad that he took it upon himself to show his displeasure at Bud Light's marketing team but got confused in the big moment.

There is still no known motive for his outburst, so it is possible that the destruction of Busch Light wasn't politically motivated. Still, since the Bud Light controversy is at the top of many's minds thanks to intense media coverage and viral discourse, particularly from conservative organizations, many assume the vandalism had to do with Bud Light's ad and roasted the man for it.

twitter busch light destruction reaction vexwerewolf tweet

According to a report from local news network WIBW, the man is J Dustin D. Cain, who also at some point prior to his arrest was alleged to have exposed himself to a teen.

Officers were able to apprehend him without using a taser. He has since been transferred to the Department of Corrections on charges of criminal damage to property, battery, assault and lewd conduct.

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The man’s just trying to do the Lord’s work of ridding this world of crappy beer, one Wal-Mart at a time. He may have missed the Pabst and the Natty Ice but, bygones. Busch Light is what they give to torture victims when the horse piss is too good.


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