New Conspiracy Suggests CIA Is Involved In Making Bud Light Woke

April 17th, 2023 - 2:45 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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It's been two weeks since Bud Light ran a single ad with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, drawing the focus of aggressive outrage, largely from conservatives.

Last week, the outrage cycle hit the surprisingly common phase in which certain conservative entrepreneurs attempt to come up with their "own" version of the offending product sold at a high markup. Then this week, the outrage cycle reached the "actually, the whole thing is a government conspiracy" phase.

Conservative influencer Benny Johnson, controversially known for plagiarizing his BuzzFeed articles, last seen online attempting to prove the “left can't meme” and getting his projector kicked in by a lecture attendee in a separate incident, has posited the whole reason Bud Light has "gone woke" is because the Anheuser-Busch CEO, Brendan Whitworth, is supposedly a "CIA operative."

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Johnson's research behind this conspiracy theory involved him evidently looking at Whitworth's public LinkedIn profile, which shows he worked in the CIA's counterterrorism center from 2001-2006 after a stint in the Marines.

This fact apparently unlocked the mystery of why Bud Light "made its beer gay" in the eyes of some conspiracy theorists, and several TCOTs (Top Conservatives On Twitter) ran with the idea that the one-off Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light ad meant to broaden the beer's audience was actually part of a decades-long plot conducted by the "Marxist" CIA to push its "communist agenda" across the world.

TPV John cia anheuser busch twitter dc draino jeff dornik

The budding theory comes days after Whitworth's statement to the controversy, which didn't mention Dylan Mulvaney or transgender issues, but reaffirmed his company's commitment to working "tirelessly to bring great beers to consumers across our nation."

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CIA in the 20th century: We depose democratically-elected goverments in South America and fund extremist organizations around the world to fight communism.

CIA in the 21st century (according to these people): We put the face of some trans dude on beer cans so people get mad about it.

Makes total sense.


Ah yes. The CIA. That famously leftist organization, known historically for its long legacy of helping communism to flourish, here on Bizarro Earth. We should have seen this coming decades ago based on how fond the hippie movement was of them, or their famous series of wacky pranks intended to preserve and lengthen the life of Fidel Castro.


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