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Minor Panic Emerges Among 'Elden Ring' Fans Upon Learning Only 36% Of Players Have Beaten A Boss They Need To Defeat To Access DLC

By Adam

Published about a month ago

Published about a month ago

A minor panic has emerged among Elden Ring fans and the game's publisher, Bandai Namco, because the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC drops in one week and roughly 65 percent of players have not completed a very necessary step to access the new content.

Bandai reminding players to beat Mohg

Shadow of the Erdtree was announced earlier this year, and in typical FromSoftware fashion, players can't simply boot up their game for the first time in two years and walk right into the DLC. The company announced that beating the bosses Starscourge Radahn and Mohg, Lord of Blood in the same playthrough are requirements to access the new content.

Both bosses are optional to complete the base game, but most players will have likely fought Radahn, as he's the big bad of Caelid and isn't difficult to find.

Mohg, on the other hand, is quite hidden. He resides in Mohgwyn Palace, a secret area that is accessed through a tiny teleportation gate in the outskirts of yet another secret area, the Consecrated Snowfield. To access the Consecrated Snowfield, one must find the NPC Albus, hidden deep in Liurnia and disguised as a jar, then clear out Castle Sol in the endgame-area Mountaintops of Giants. The other way to reach Mohgwyn Palace is to complete White Mask Varré's questline, which requires doing some unsavory deeds.

Also, there's a second Mohg in the game, who is also extremely well-hidden, and defeating that Mohg serves no purpose regarding the DLC.

Thus, it's no surprise that the majority of Elden Ring players, many of whom understandably prefer to go through the game without keeping a FromSoft encyclopedia next to them, haven't defeated Mohg — on top of the obtuse leaps in logic required to even find him, his boss fight isn't exactly a cakewalk.

Bruhhhh mohg elden ring

The troubling statistic spurred the Elden Ring fanbase into action, and diehard fans are spreading the word and volunteering to co-op to help players get to and defeat Mohg. On Twitter and Reddit, multiple players are pledging to lay down their summon signs in front of Mohg's arena to ensure everyone who wants to play Shadow of the Erdtree will be able to.

As for finding Mohg, no one player can help you. Trust us, it's best just to have a guide open for that one.

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