New Pride Flag Showing Ukraine Color Striping Angers Some On Social Media Who Don't Realize It's Fake

May 24th, 2022 - 4:28 PM EDT by Brandon Wink

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An image of the Fake Ukraine Pride Flag and twitter reactions.

The Pride flag has undergone various minor alterations in its lifetime, with trans and BIPOC striping added to it as a way to show inclusive solidarity with these core groups within the greater LGBTQ+ umbrella.

Recently, however, it seems a push has been made to include a blue-and-yellow stripe to the flag's arrow design as part of solidarity with Ukraine, which earned the ire of many Republicans, political pundits and other users on Twitter in recent days who began to point out how Ukraine's government doesn't recognize many gay rights compared to other European countries or the U.S.

The only problem, however, is that the flag itself was ironic from the very beginning. The flag was first made by Twitter user @Aryanfa**ot on Sunday, who made the flag in response to someone posting the 2018 updated Pride flag while claiming it was more inclusive.

This prompted the Ukrainian variant to be created and posted, which was then later picked up by Marjorie Taylor Greene and other accounts who took it to be unironic, using it as a talking point against an enemy that didn't really exist.

Even though the flag was fake and it was being obviously pushed as something that it wasn't, it didn't take long for people to simply see and comment on it without having any political takes — meaning that even though the flag didn't actually come from the left, the thought that it did was enough to make people think it truly did.

This led to a lot of people posting about the flag itself and not even mentioning the original ironic meaning, which is Ukrainian lives, or the real meaning of gay rights, but instead focusing on faux semantics.

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