Person Tweets AI-Generated Hot Girls And Claims 'It's SO Over,' But Real, Human Hot Girls Aren't So Sure

January 30th, 2023 - 12:39 PM EST by Adam Downer

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hot ai girls its so over

As new technological mediums have been introduced over the course of human history, one of the most surefire methods to see if they're a mere fad or something that's here to stay is to measure how well they can deliver pornography (yes, really). Since artificial intelligence is the hot medium du jour, there have been some attempts to use the power of algorithmic generation to break into humanity's oldest vice. But will AI ever be powerful enough to replace real human women?

That question was debated over the weekend after Twitter user @heartereum tweeted pictures of AI-generated Hot Girls and declared "It's SO over."

It's unclear what program created these wildly proportioned ladies in bikinis, but a similar image was posted to Reddit the same day. There and on Twitter, people then used the softcore images as a jumping-off point to discuss whether human pornography's days are numbered.

"I'd bet within 4-5 years we will have AI-generated, medium-length movies that are decent-good. At that point, why subscribe to someone on OF when you can literally make someone to your own preference, dress her/him, then make any scene you could imagine," one commenter on Reddit said. Some shared a similar prognosis on Twitter as the viral images continued to spread online.

Others took myriad issues with the implied idea that AI will soon replace human pornography. First of all, the women shown in @heartereum's post have the familiar hand abnormalities typical of the current capabilities of AI, which could be a turnoff for folks who prefer their smut stars to have realistic-looking hands. Take, for example, this lady with hands in her hair:

A second key issue cited by champions of human porn is that there is more than just a visual element to OnlyFans models and the like, as many seek out the models not only for looks but for the parasocial relationship they can have with a real person, not with an algorithmically generated cartoon character.

Furthermore, some argued that it's difficult to imagine what precisely would be "over" if AI began making competent pornography since there is famously and competently done pornography for every fetish imaginable already on the internet.

If and when AI reaches the point of creating decent pornography, there will undoubtedly be a market for it, but it seems at least from the discussion this weekend, it will hardly threaten the general human appetite for actual human beings getting it on in all sorts of creative ways.

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