Snippet From Upcoming Meghan Trainor Song 'Mother' Bodes Ill For Future Of TikTokers And Has People Firing Off Burns

March 2nd, 2023 - 12:32 PM EST by Adam Downer

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For months now, Meghan Trainor's “Made You Look” has been the bane of many TikTok viewers' existence, as the song's ubiquitous use throughout the app served as a constant reminder that they didn't like the song or Trainor's music very much.

This morning, Trainor released a snippet of her upcoming single called "Mother," which, judging by the reactions of a Trainor-exhausted public, appears to have the potential to be one of the most hated songs ever released.

"I am your mother," sings Trainor over an interpolation of "Mr. Sandman." "You listen to me. Stop all that mansplainin', no one's listening (shh!)."

With its tight, undeniably catchy 30-second chorus and rote lyrics about brushing off a chatty man, it seemed to many like the song would be another inescapable TikTok hit for Trainor, and faced with that grim future, loads of commenters unleashed some extremely creative roasts of her music.

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Trainor, herself a mother and on her way to having another child, has yet to post the song to TikTok herself, but it truly feels like a matter of time before the song takes over the app in much the same way "Made You Look" did last year — a premonition that has put the fear of god into many online.

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