The Latest Target For Some Conservatives In The Anti-woke Agenda Is Apparently Xbox

January 26th, 2023 - 12:57 PM EST by Adam Downer

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xbox has gone woke living in 1984 meme

First, they came for gas stoves. Then, they came for steak. Now, the "woke brigade" are coming for your Xbox — at least according to several high-profile conservative politicians and media outlets this week.

On January 11th, Microsoft announced a carbon aware mode that will have your Xbox do its nightly downloads and updates during times when the local power grid uses the most renewable energy.

Xbox Series X|S owners are also receiving an update that will automatically put the console in "Shutdown" mode as opposed to "Sleep" mode. This shutdown mode will actually turn off the Xbox during prolonged periods of inactivity, and it will take about 45 seconds longer to reboot as opposed to "waking up" the console from "Sleep" mode. However, using the shutdown mode means the Xbox will consume 20 times less energy than when it's sleeping and Microsoft touts that it could save customers money in electricity bills.

Other than that, there's little difference. Even the "Quick Resume" feature, which allows Xbox players to pick up where they left off in a game upon waking the console from sleep, works coming out of shutdown. Players can also opt out of shutdown mode in their settings.

This small, environmentally friendly change made two weeks ago hit the conservative outrage mill on Monday starting with an article from The Blaze, which stated "Xbox will force gamers to power down to fight climate change" in its headline. Then it hit Cruz, who made a histrionic "First They Came" reference in regards to "the libs" supposedly killing common conveniences in the name of climate change action — subsequently being picked up in the Fox News circuit.

On Monday, Fox ran the headline "Woke brigade is after video games" and on television, a host warned America's parents, "They're going after your children!"

While some conservatives online spread the critical press coverage, others considered it a massive and bad-faith leap in logic to claim that Microsoft introducing a slightly greener power-saving mode to their Xbox consoles amounted to liberals indoctrinating children into the climate war, and many on social media were seemingly fed up with the latest "nothing burger" made out to be a new frontier in the forever culture war.

At this rate, it's plausible there will be a new corporation or product at the center of "GONE WOKE" headlines by next week, but considering the relatively minor improvement Microsoft made to draw such outrage, it's impossible to know what will suddenly become controversial next.

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"Killing the planet to trigger the libs"

How fucking pathetic these people are. You'd think a political ideology calling itself "conservative" would be the most interested in conserving nature and would celebrate anything that reduces environmental impact would be welcome.

But they consider it a personal attack.

And they like to call liberals the overly sensitive snowflakes when it's them that get triggered by something as simple as fucking colors.


Conservatives: Wouldn't dare to increase tax by 1% to fund healthcare, infrastructure, and/or education.

Also Conservatives: Would spend 20% more on power and gas so they can "own the libs"

I mean spend the money you want but if one of Conservatives goals to be "financial responsible adults", I would assumed saving money by consuming less resources even more more welcomed by actual Conservative adults.


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