The LoFi Girl Has Returned After A Brief Disappearance, And She Made A New 'Synthwave' Friend

April 11th, 2023 - 1:31 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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lofi girl window

Millions of people who spend most of their time studying or relaxing can breathe a sigh of relief, as the LoFi Girl, the patron saint of chilling on YouTube, has returned after a brief disappearance.

logi girl window missing

After sitting at her desk for five years studying for what must be the hardest test in all of anime, the iconic LoFi Girl vanished yesterday without warning. The channel was still active, but the room that played host to LoFi Girl's tireless studying now sat empty, with lofi hip hop beats to study/relax to now playing for an empty room.

The internet was quick to hop on the case of her mysterious disappearance.

As it turns out, it appears the disappearance of LoFi Girl appears to have been an inside job. On April 7th, the channel posted a mysterious clip of LoFi Girl getting distracted by a blinking blue window down the street from her apartment.

In the empty room, eagle-eyed viewers noted the camera was slowly zooming in on that window. On social media, the channel began teasing something about this room, leaving the internet to ponder its significance.

This afternoon, they got their answer: the blue room is the home of LoFi Girl's new friend, LoFi Boy.

synthwave boy

More accurately, she made friends with a Synthwave Boy, who will apparently be joining LoFi Girl with a separate stream focused on music to "chill/game" to.

The new stream and the channel's light ARG announcing it proved to be hits with the LoFi Girl community, as many expressed they were stoked a second stream had gone up and that there was now some light lore associated with the channel.

lofi girl synthwave boy synthwave boy

LoFi Girl can see Synthwave Boy from her window, and one expects her new friend will be typing away at his computer, sipping coffee with his dog cozied up next to him, for the rest of time.

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