TikTok Finally Admits To Chinese Employees Accessing U.S. User Data, Prompting Many To Call For It's Ban

July 6th, 2022 - 12:37 PM EDT by Brandon Wink

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Tiktok us user data china meme.

TikTok, the oft-controversial social media app that was formerly known as Musical.ly, has recently admitted something that it has continuously denied for years.

When the app first started to take off more in America after its rebrand, there was a large amount of concern over the origins of the app and its parent company being based in China, with much of the user data being stored on Chinese servers.

Famously, the app was threatened with a ban by then U.S. President Donald Trump in 2020 with those same security and data concerns being listed as the reason why. The news of the data came in and immediately charged many in the Republican legislative base that has largely been anti-TikTok.

The news reinvigorated the debate on whether or not the Chinese app should be banned in America as it is in other countries, most notably India.

There were also individual calls to action from prominent figures in tech and law asking for Google and Apple to remove the application from their app stores, severely limiting the amount of reach it has and the data it could harvest from people.

It's unknown currently if the Biden administration will respond to this recent development โ€” or if it'll be anything like his predecessor's stance.

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