Twitch Streamer PaymoneyWubby Becomes First Person In Eight Years To Pull Power Nine 'Mox Emerald' On Camera

April 30th, 2024 - 5:48 PM EDT by Brandon Wink

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PaymoneyWubby excited after pulling a Mox Emerald during his recent livestream.

On Monday, as part of a regularly scheduled stream called "Magic Monday" (which is also the name of his YouTube channel) Twitch streamer PaymoneyWubby was doing an opening of sealed product.

In this particular instance, he was opening a deck of Unlimited Magic the Gathering cards, valued at over $14,000, one of many different high-value openings of his in recent months.

This time, however, at the end of the deck (largely filled with nothing too exciting or particularly rare) he pulled a Mox Emerald, one of the illustrious cards known as a "Power Nine" for how strong each of the nine cards from this era is.

The significance of this achievement within the Magic the Gathering community is hard to understate. Every time a sealed product is opened, the amount of potential "Power Nine" cards in existence decreases, making each time one is pulled a momentous occasion.

Furthering this is that it was done on camera, as many openings and exchanges of sealed products happen in private sales between individuals or organizations, meaning there is no true way to know if another "Power Nine" card will be seen in mint condition fresh out of a pack on camera again.

PaymoneyWubby has promised to get every card from the session graded by CGC, as he did with an entire opening of an Alpha starter deck from last month, and expects this Mox Emerald to be a 10, which could place its total value around something like $10,000.

Wubby has opened three Unlimited decks like this, but so far, all were fake, which makes this moment even more special for the streamer and his community.

Luckily, the way he's been doing these breaks is by only buying from people who offer refunds for fake products opened on camera. On top of this, members of his community are buying into the breaks with 60 spots per opening being sold to evenly split the cost of the deck between them.

This also means that one lucky buyer just got a Mox Emerald for around $230-300, so that wound up being a pretty good deal, especially with the free grading included.

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