Leaked Video Of Steven Crowder Arguing With Pregnant Wife Goes Viral, With Some Viewers Perceiving Him As 'Emotionally Abusive'

April 28th, 2023 - 11:53 AM EDT by Adam Downer

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A controversial leaked video from Steven Crowder's Ring camera has gone viral recently in the wake of the conservative podcaster and comedian's ongoing divorce with his wife, Hilary.

The video, published by journalist Yashar Ali on his Substack yesterday, shows Crowder arguing with his wife for not wanting to apply medicine to the couple's dog for fear the effect the medicine could have on their unborn children (the video is from June 2021 when Hilary was eight-months pregnant with the pair's twins).

Throughout the clip (the entire three-minute video can be watched here), Crowder reportedly refuses to let her take the pair's only car so that she can get groceries and criticizes her for not performing "wifely duties." She attempts to reassure him that she loves him, to which he replies, "I don’t love you, that’s the big problem. I’ve never received love from you."

According to Ali, unpublished footage of their argument later includes Crowder screaming "I will 'F' you up!" with Hilary purportedly fleeing the house. While this portion is described as taking place "off camera," Ali claims both Hilary and Steven have verified that incident.

As the video gained millions of views on social media, many were seemingly disturbed and saw Crowder's interaction with his wife as controlling and emotionally abusive. Hilary also called Steven's behavior "abusive" in the clip.

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Crowder announced he was going through a divorce on Tuesday when he appeared to bemoan the fact that Texas allows for "no-fault divorces," which means a person can file for divorce without having to prove infidelity on the part of their partner.

Hilary is said to have begun talking to Crowder about separating the night before she gave birth to twins. Crowder also missed the birth of his twins because he was getting titanium bars inserted into his chest to counteract a sunken chest he'd had from birth.

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