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true story. I had one of those. literally.
It was sometime 2008, and my mom was throwing down one of her infamous parties at the house, and I really didn't want to be involved, being the very much the anti-socialite (especially with the hoity-toity crowd my mom used to party with). So my cousin and I went to a local British pub to get shit faced, and after 4 newcastles, 2 irish carbombs, challenging the pub-drunk to a drink-off, and then getting free mimosas, it was time for me to head home.

Unfortunately, my mom's party was still raging at that hour and I said to myself "well, okay, it's cool Chewybunny, it's cool, gotta act the ninja, gotta get upstairs and hope no one notices you."

So I come into the house. Everyone is dancing. The DJ is playing music. I start walking up the stairs, and halfway up I just lose it, fall over and fall down the stairs.

Literally, record scratch, the DJ stops the music, the entire party stops, and everyone is staring at me.


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