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3353 Views Created 7 years ago By Z. • Updated 6 years ago

Created By Z. • Updated 6 years ago

qa R: 25/I: 3 What is the purpose o this "board"? Are we really pandering to autists that can't even tell 4chan from reddit? Not to mention it's brought in the worst type of SJW cancer that do nothing but destroy the website Remove /qa/ FEELS MAD MAN http://knowyourmeme.c om/memes/people/hiro yuki-nishimur Herioykuni is KING of the R: 2 How about instead of removing (You), /pol/ GR15, and making a circlejerk board for pass holders we deal with the s----- mod and ban evader problems on boards like /vg/ where the mod is so lazy he bans people who submit R: 25/I: 10 Are mods asleep at this time of the day? This pony thread has been up on /v/ for soon 30 minutes, and multiple reports has been send already. Why is it still up? R: 171: 3 Do you hide behind something when all other R: 3 What was even the point of removing (you)s. I know it caused BRING BACK (You)S internet! places are in chaos? shiposting but god damnit c it was nice to just be able to control+f your way to any replies, give or take a few "here's your (you)" posts along the way F------ hell Hiro oh s--- n----- も R: 42/1: 5 this makes /qa/mblr nu- anons seethe with butthurt R: 8 Why did the mod just ignore this spam? what are you doing (Youl R: 4 Bring back (You)s please (You) Bring back those (You)s Can you stop s------- up up 'qa/ …( R: 29 /: 4 >TFW gookmoot removed (You)s because of a single spammer on qal Two nukes weren't enough R: 106/: 5 Please purge /nep from /vg/. This s--- has gotten out of control vg/thread/ 1 63973679#bott om


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