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(You) / Here's Your (You)

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"(You)" is a string of text displayed on 4chan comments to indicate a user has replied to the reader's post. Since many users interpret the term as a synonym for "reply," it is often used in response to posts perceived as bait with the expression "Here's Your (You)".


On 4chan, and various other imageboards, replies to a user's own posts are indicated with the word "(You)," which subsequently led to many 4chan users adopting "(You)" as a synonym for "reply" (shown below, left). One of the earliest archived uses of the phrase "Here's your (You)" was posted on the /vg/ (video games) board on October 26th, 2014 (shown below, right).[1]

Anonymous 12/14/15(Mon)23:49:05 No.320 166707 ▶ >320166576 (You) >>320166531 (You >>320166359 (You >>320166350 (You (you) Anonymous Sun 26 Oct 2014 23:16:36 No.84578072 Report >>84577902 Here's your (You) f-----. It wasn't interesting last time and nothing's changed to make it interesting. I thought you wer better than this


Over the following months, the expression spread to other boards, but remained relatively dormant until early 2015, when "here's your (you)" began widely propagating on the /vg/ (video games) board.[2][4][5] On February 16th, 2016, an image macro featuring a character from Kantai Collection captioned with "(you)" was submitted to the /co/ (comics and cartoons) board.[6]

Ah. The... drug... (YOU) WANT SOME OF THESE?

On June 24th, a 4chan user was accused of baiting viewers with the phrase "Here's your (You)" in a thread on the /trash/ (Off-Topic) board (shown below, left). The same day, another 4chan user replied "Here's your (You), faggot" to a post about the European Union on the /pol/ (politics) board (shown below, right).[6]

View Same Google iqdb SauceNA。山1427140608336.jpg 48KiB.625x626 This must be the work of an enemy stand! Anonymous Fri 24 Jun 2016 10:01:20 No.3684324 >>3684305 Here's your (You) desu View Same Google iqdb Sauce NAO 14420621994 KEEP CRYIN Anonymous ID:nsH2JLrr BITCH N---- Quoted By: >78512656 >>78511557 Here's your (You), f----- Hit the f------ road

Removal from 4chan

On December 28th, 2016, the (You) feature used to highlight the posts made by the user was removed from 4chan, and replaced by dotted lines below the post number. The change, made after several threads requesting the removal of the feature,[8] was heavily criticised by the users of the site, who made several threads in protest on the question and answer board /qa/ (shown below).[9][10]

qa R: 25/I: 3 What is the purpose o this "board"? Are we really pandering to autists that can't even tell 4chan from reddit? Not to mention it's brought in the worst type of SJW cancer that do nothing but destroy the website Remove /qa/ FEELS MAD MAN http://knowyourmeme.c om/memes/people/hiro yuki-nishimur Herioykuni is KING of the R: 2 How about instead of removing (You), /pol/ GR15, and making a circlejerk board for pass holders we deal with the s----- mod and ban evader problems on boards like /vg/ where the mod is so lazy he bans people who submit R: 25/I: 10 Are mods asleep at this time of the day? This pony thread has been up on /v/ for soon 30 minutes, and multiple reports has been send already. Why is it still up? R: 171: 3 Do you hide behind something when all other R: 3 What was even the point of removing (you)s. I know it caused BRING BACK (You)S internet! places are in chaos? shiposting but god damnit c it was nice to just be able to control+f your way to any replies, give or take a few "here's your (you)" posts along the way F------ hell Hiro oh s--- n----- も R: 42/1: 5 this makes /qa/mblr nu- anons seethe with butthurt R: 8 Why did the mod just ignore this spam? what are you doing (Youl R: 4 Bring back (You)s please (You) Bring back those (You)s Can you stop s------- up up 'qa/ …( R: 29 /: 4 >TFW gookmoot removed (You)s because of a single spammer on qal Two nukes weren't enough R: 106/: 5 Please purge /nep from /vg/. This s--- has gotten out of control https://boards.4chan.org/ vg/thread/ 1 63973679#bott om

Various Examples

LOOKAT THAT. ISN'T IT RIDICULOUS? MAYBE IT WILL LEAVE IF WEALL LAUGH ATIT No. 32316794 232316861 >>32316870 >232316S 16232 ▲."G >>3231 7490 223231 7661 You ou 3231 7552 2232 (You) Ever since I left the city, (you)

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