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If his videos stayed the same as they used to be he wouldn't stand out. "Quick reference to this, quick reference to that." That and his videos need to be longer because that's how monetization works. And "taking longer to produce"? He still updates weekly. Didn't know "they put effort into their work" was considered a valid argument.

As for the longer format, some parts I can see as filler but that doesn't mean they're all pointless and don't reinforce his point. Good example is the Scooby Doo 2 episode and how to lead up to a twist.

If the format were Twitter, I could understand them not going into detail with their criticism but it's tumblr and you've got a lot of room on tumblr to say stuff. But that's what separates a critique from a comment. A critique is hard and a comment is easy.


Eh. Honestly, i always kind of liked the skits. Some are a lot funnier and/or more enjoyable than others, but even at their worst i don’t think they’re awful. And the show would be a lot more repetitive without them.

I do agree that the monologues are getting a bit silly. Doug should try to find a new way to get his end of the episode point across.


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