Spot the Main Character

Spot the Main Character

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Spot the Main Charater is a image macro meme using screen captures of films, television shows, or comics (usually anime). In the captures, the main characters of the work are meant to be anonymous within a large crowd of other characters, but due to their more detailed features or uniqueness, their obvious presence is ironic. Users create humorous captions pretending that the main character is difficult to find in the photo.


The earliest known instance of this joke can be found in FunnyJunk, uploaded by user ctrlfreak on April 23, 2013. The screen captioned anime is Yu-Gi-Oh, a frequent target of the meme[4].

picture of Yu Hi Oh's main character with spiky purple hair failing to blend in a crowd

This image has spawned multiple deviations all of which sarcastically miss Yugi, Yu-Gi-Oh's main character.

ignoring Yugi and instead focusing on the smug bastard wearing his cap backwardsYu Gi Oh title card with the main character replaced by the smug backwards hat wearing bastardignoring Yugi and instead focusing on a pair of legscrowd of people with all of the heads replaced with Yugi's


Tumblr user bakuras-face posted[5] the above screen-capture of Yugi in the crowd on May 4th, 2013, and received over 69,000 likes as of March 2015.

After the popularity of that image, screen captures spread through tumblr and sites like Rebloggy[1] and Funnyjunk[2]. The meme has also been sighted in 9gag[3].

Various Examples

VIA 9GAG.COM still from anime showing people in a cage with one of them clearly meant to stand out by having bright pink hair

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