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Thats, partially true.

While he is scared of Mob's power in general, he's the exact opposite of Mob. While Mob is scared that he'll never be anything more than a psychic, because if you have unlimited power, then have you really earned anything.

Ritsu on the other hand is perfect in everyway, He's popular, smart, gets girls with the snap of his fingers. But does that all really matter when you're alone. Just like Mob, he has friends, he's not alone, persay, but no one likes him for what he is, even Mob is sorta guilty of this. They all look up to him because he's perfect, not because he's a unique individual. That's why he envies his brothers psychic powers, because to him, whats more unique than to be the only person (that he knows of) to be able to do what he can do. What infuriates Ritsu is that Mob won't admit that having powers is amazing, that he continues to not use them, and most importantly, that he hasn't had to work a day in his life to get those powers.

Ritsu has worked for everything, Mob just got powers.


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Ritsu's constant disdain for the world around him and his lack of unique traits is what drives him to do things like bully the delinquents or, when he finally gets powers, to abuse them. He believes that once he gets power, once he gets that ONE THING THAT DEFINES WHO HE TRULY IS, that he'll be recognized for it. This is especially seen when the delinquents are bullied. He's so lonely and thirsty for power that be believes that torturing himself into being bad will make him feel a part of something.

Mob believes that being fit will make him popular, while Ritsu believes that power will make him whole. Both misguided souls who just wish to be accepted, both completely unaware of what could really make them happy. For Ritsu, its to admit that he'll never be his brother and thats ok.

Sorry for the rant, its just ONE's writing is so fantastic.


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