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It's a shame that, instead of letting Ash win the Kanto League and thus let him pass the torch to a new Pokemon trainer, the writers forced him to lose said league in order to reuse him for the next five regions, leading up to the seventh, Alola.

And it's at that point, the Pokemon anime is just pointless. Several episodes worth of a repetitive Pokemon-of-the-Week formula, in-between gym battles that Ash never wins properly, as well as rival battles he ends up losing, all leading up to him losing whatever league he enters. And it sucks that he's on his seventh region and they are STILL rehashing that god damn formula, even with a school setting rather than a journey like the previous six regions. So why follow Ash at all to this day, when there are plenty of other Pokemon-style anime that did the Pokemon formula RIGHT, like Digimon?


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