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Remember when Overwatch won the award for best ongoing game because they made two new characters in a year, while games that consistently put out heaps of new content after release free got snubbed? Well Warframe 2 hasn't been announced I'll say that much.

Duke Bruh
Duke Bruh

The people in that tweet post seething for "TF2 good,OW bad".

For real though,even if those kinds of posts might get old,TF2 fans have all the right to dunk on OW.
Why? Because for all those saying that it was going to replace the former,the popularity it gained in just one year seemed really promising for the game. Damn sure it was about to kill it.
Now look at it now,it's an unbalanced mess and there have been more controversies and drama in just 3 years,much worse than anything TF2 fanbase has ever done in over a decade.

TF2 is not at its prime anymore and the fanbase has lots of bad apples,it's undeniable but still much better than Overwatch state right now,which felt like most of the "fans" didn't even care about it other than the fact it was the trending game at the time.


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