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Chudjak, also known as Poljak, is another variation of the long-standing character Wojak, also known as "Feels Guy," but actually has its origin from the meme known as Le /pol/ Face or Le Pollack. The parent meme, which originated on 4chan, is meant to depict the cliché appearance of the average 4chan /pol/ user, incels, far-right public shooters and other similar characters. It was modeled to resemble Patrick Crusius, the shooter from the 2019 El Paso Shooting.


The earliest iterations of this meme originally appeared on 4chan around August 2019 under the name "le pollack" and then "le /pol/ face" without the Wojak reference (shown below, left). One such example was posted by an anonymous 4chan[1] user to the /pol/ board on December 3rd, 2019 (shown below, right).

LE /POL/ FACE le pollack >you'll starve under communism! >dilate! >n ! (haha >shareblue! funny n word) >socio-economic >shill! factors, what's that? >communism is bad and doesn't work, the media told >discord t-----! me so! >kek! >identity politics is bad. also i love the white race! >*sees media being nice to poc* WHY DO YOU HATE WHITE >based and redpilled!! PPL SO MUCH?? >k--- >i believe in facts! hey look at my conspiratorial infographs! >13/50!!! >shlomo!

The Wojak variation, originally known as Poljak and later as Chudjak, originated on the left-wing imageboard Bunkerchan, around late August 2020. One such example was posted on August 30th, 2020, by an anonymous Bunkerchan[2] user to the /leftypol/ board (seen below, left). "Le pollack," and subsequently Chudjak, was modelled after the El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius (seen below, right) but is also intended to depict stereotypical /pol/ users, incels and far-right public shooters.


After its inception, the character circulated among various 4chan boards where users posted the image to specifically mock /pol/ users. One such example was posted by an anonymous 4chan[3] user on August 8th, 2019, to the /biz/ board (shown below).

C) Anonymous ThuAug 8 2019 No.1516S97S File: 32 KB: 766x95(): 253Y7424_png [View same] [Agdb] [saucenaol [goggle] [tepgn] Quoted by: back to :'poV mcel LE ,'POU FACE

4chan Raid

After gaining the attention of /pol/ users, a raid ensued on October 1st, 2020, in which regulars of /pol/ spammed Bunkerchan[4] with grotesque imagery. This raid lasted approximately three days and slowly faded out due to moderation. This exchange between the two communities spawned numerous iterations of the meme in a short span of time (seen below). During this incident, posters from /pol/ expressed that this depiction did not accurately represent them.

Open file (Hide file) (40.86 KB 766x844 b15fd22707bca87154a.) 10 Anonymous 10/08/2020 (Thu) 07:51:01 No. 968847 >>968866 >>969238 >>969314 >>969412 >>970323 as a normal /pol/ user, i have to say this is pretty f------ funny. for the first time ever, someone managed to tick off epic 1488 nazis. LE /POL/ FACE

The event saw "leftypol" mentioned more than 80,000 times on /pol/ (shown below) and produced more than a thousand shitposts made by raiding /pol/ posters on Bunkerchan, mostly consisting of spam.

O Anonymous 1002/20(Fri)17:03:18 No.9077246 You know what I find precious is that /poll never gives leftypol any attention whatsoever. Mearwhile leftypol is constantly seething and trying to get /pol's attention and I guess it finally worked. chin transplant 8346 Searching for posts that contain 'leftypolľ'. 83461 results found Good job comrades Search term United States /pol/ - Politically Incorrect Past 30 days ▼ All categories ▼ 4chan C Index NSFW Ghost Gallery Random Stats leftypol Interest over time ? 100 75 50 25 4 Sep 12 Sep 20 Sep 28 Sep

In retaliation for the stereotype depicted in the meme, users of /pol/ attempted to re-appropriate Chudjak to depict a "stereotypical left-winger" instead, although its origin stemmed from the depiction of a real, far-right shooter. The response of Bunkerchan[5] posters to the attempted re-appropriation was heavily discussed on the site, which also produced additional mocking images, such as a GIF (seen below) posted to /leftypol/ on October 1st, 2020.

The West Has Fallen. Billions Must Die

The West Has Fallen and Billions Must Die are catchphrases often used together in memes parodying unsuccessful but resentful supporters of alt-right politics. The phrases reflect resentment at globalization and overpopulation trends, and are associated with similar memes such as it's over and the Great Reset memes. The phrases often appear in memes featuring Chudjak

U Billions must DIE Ostwestfalen-Lippe Region in Germany (=-3 V Goodbye Mom! Ssock IV "the idle" @Sasockpuppet "The yearbook photo has been taken. Millions must sign." 1:24 PM Dec 26, 2022


GigaChud (a portmanteau of "Giga Chad" and “Chud”) is a MS Paint combination of Chudjak with "Big Lez" and "Senator Armstrong" due to comparisons with the Chudjak character's striking likeness. He is often paired with "Pink-Haired Enbie" or with the transphobic phrase "You Will Never Be A Woman"


Various Examples

LE /POL/ FACE THAT'S YOU! Left LEPOLFFACE Hello fellow white man. I see you breeded with a Mediterranean A---- blonde? I could tell by your children's facial features. I too am I preserver of the white race but i can't stand women. You know how it is. Well you go on now. Nice talk!

I am part of the master race! My genetics are superior! So why are you a virgin? HIDE POLCEL THREADS IGNORE POLCEL POSTS DO NOT REPLY TO POLCEL POSTERS

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