Unrestricted Internet Access at a Young Age - oh boy i sure do love having internet access as a child in the early 2010s i hope i dont get irreversible psychological damage in my developmental years

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On the one hand, yes, we raised the new generation incredibly poorly. Considering that the internet has become these kids' de-facto guardian/role-model in the absence of proper parenting, we ended up being responsible for how said kids developed and have instilled within them an incredibly poor set of ideals. And if you think the kids in the relatively pleasant early 2010s may have grown up poorly, just wait until the ones who were raised by the post-2014 hellscape start becoming more prominent.

On the other, I doubt many "netizens" rail against kids on the internet because they actually care about these kids' well-beings. They just hate all the squeakers/casuals/normies running around their former "secret misbehaving time" club and doing the exact same thing did that they did as kids (only now it's not as okay as it was back then because of invariably hypocritical and ill-contemplated reasons).


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