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This makes my fucking brain melt, how is free healthcare good for capitalists? How does non citizens voting help a bunch of wealthy white guys? And how are they conflating open borders and free health care as being as bad as banning hate speech, which is only bad if you take it to far?


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I remember a little. This is spoken very broadly and is not accurate.

Cheaper labor for companies on the immigration bits. Excess labor doesn't benefit the citizens and just increases the wage-gap divide as it's easier to under-pay and replace temp laborers at minimum wage than it is to employ them. I've heard the same argument for women in the workplace. Personally I don't care if they paid taxes, didn't commit crimes, and were liable to laws but I don't have confidence our government could handle taxing undocumented citizens or enforcing law on foreign citizens en-masse.

Don't really remember the ramblings over healthcare besides just draining taxes and maybe I guess forwarding the business interests of pharma companies. The main concern would be if it just lead to the total collapse of welfare.

'Banning hate speech' is often more conflated with giving power to authorities, mobs, and corporations than it's citizens. It's hardly that much different than right now, but it would imply the government would have more free-reign to consider what is hate-speech.


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