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  • >"Any girl under 5'7" is basically a red flag for being minor coded since that's around the common height for children."
  • >Average height for women in the U.S. is 5'4"

The average American woman is pedo-bait apparently. You're only allowed to be attracted to women in the 89th height percentile (roughly 11% of the United States' female population) or uh-oh, you're a closet child molester.

That said, height alone is a really stupid characteristic to base an estimate of somebody's age off of because there's all sorts of above and below-average height people out there. Plus they're basically committing Dwarfism Erasure by insinuating that everyone below a certain height is a child.

I feel like we need a name for this type of bullshit, I'm going to start calling it "Irkenism" because the only people stupid enough to actually believe this shit deserve to be compared to characters from Invader Zim.


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