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Wow, if there's ever something I disliked about the Minecraft Youtube Community, it's that they repeated this shit so many fucking times each year Minecraft rose to popularity.

So let's see here, I don't recall much about the Yogcast era of Minecraft Youtubers, but I do know that when Skydoesminecraft rose up in fame, many other MC Youtubers also followed along when he made Cops & Robbers Videos but with slight variations on rules. Hunger Games had a shit tone of variants for normal, plug-ins, and modded. The Lucky Block Plague lasted for many months. MC Monster/Mob School was milked to death by others(I remember the one's made by the original creator which were way better, it focused only on actual subjects related to MC like trap making, structure creating, assassination, etc.)
Now we have Dream and his Minecraft (fake) speedruns with one unique gimmick and nothing else with everyone imitating it as well.


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