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Still works for me, real estate price is on a steady climb since 1661 to the point what's left in some neighborhoods is for boomers waiting for other boomers to die of old age and goad their next of kin to sell it to them.

Real Estate owners have consistently defied the market laws, during the height of COVID in 2020, certain places reached "absolute zero demand, supply tending to infinite", yet they had the balls to charge more and create an artificial building boom (and resulting shortage of building materials) so that people couldn't even build/expand on what little estate they actually owned, and solving the issue of people not wanting to buy plots with pre-built houses by making it impossible to build on empty land.

Fuck realtors.


Fucked up how we have buildings literally falling apart in the big cities but homelessness in said cities is through the roof. Some people will just squat in the shacks, not like the doors work on them anymore.

Realtors are up there with news anchors and tech company CEOs in terms of corruption.


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