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Jucika is the titular character of a Hungarian comic strip created by Pusztai Pál which ran in the middle of the 20th century. The character was depicted with a focus on her sexuality. Often she was drawn half-nude or in revealing clothing, and the comics focused on satirizing sexism. She began growing popular on image boards in late 2019, inspiring fan art.


Jucika was created by Pusztai Pál and circulated in Hungarian satirical newspaper Lúdas Matyi under the communist reign in Hungary in the mid-20th century.[1] There is little available information about the comic itself; Hungarian literary critic Ákos Koczogh praised the character's figure and moral attitude, saying that her figure was attractive but she also expressed very human emotions and phenomena (example comic shown below).[2]

Judka a madan feirakat Pusztai Pál rajza R.Sua


The comic began gaining attention online in the late 2010s. On April 24th, 2018, Tumblr account lesserknownwaifus[5] posted a compilation of Jucika drawings, gaining over 5,000 notes (shown below, left). On June 15th, 2018, Twitter user @Jigboi[3] posted a comic asking where he could find more of them (shown below, right).


In mid-November 2019, the comics began growing popular on 4chan's /co/ board. One of the most popular early threads was posted November 14th,[4] which featured a dump of several comics (example shown below). After the character grew popular on /co/, The comics then began spreading widely on Tumblr and Twitter. On Twitter, user @KonkyKong gained over 700 retweets and 5,300 likes posting fan art of the character (shown below, right).

DJuCika jandihor Pusztai Pál rajza KoNkykoN

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DELETE THIS JuCika tobotember Pusztai Pál rajza PhSlai DUcika Orariatoo Judka abadteri sninhánban Boood PSuai Juci

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Hungarian here…
The 'Hired Staff' creator/editor of this submission is not only incorrect about details regarding Jucika, but is also acting in a manner that is HIGHLY disrespectful to the late Pusztai Pál who drew these comics up until his sudden and tragic death at the age of 50.

Jucika was never about ''satirizing sexism'' and ''sexual liberation'' and it is shameful for the editor to try to blatantly force his own politics into Pál's work like this. Also Jucika first appeared in 1959, not 1950- another incorrect detail in the submission.

Jucika isn't even a meme. Out of respect for the artist, I ask for this submission to be deleted since users are not even allowed to make edits to correct the misinformation and injection of politics by the hand of the author.


"The character was depicted as a sexually liberated woman and was often drawn nude or in revealing clothing, and the comics focused on satirizing sexism."

Ah, yes, back when women being sexually liberated was considered the progressive thing to do instead of the sexist part of it. I forgot that that was how things were at some point.


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