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I did finish my art and design foundations year, but after that I felt as if I hadn't learned a damn thing about how to draw. Most of the teachers just asked us to "draw" but didn't really tell us how. So I left rather distraught and just yelled "I will make millions off my funny cartoons while you mustache twirlers are still snorting ohn hon hon hons!" or something like that.
Goddamn "fine artists" will not teach you shit.

Then I went to a "comic book bootcamp" by some local famous comic artist for only 2 weeks. Within a day I don't even know how he did it, but he taught me some principles of art that just made me suddenly gain a boost of confidence, and I was drawing like crazy. Thought it still took years before my art reached the polish it does now, he at least taught me about armatures, which my college didn't. He taught me to not overthink things and that there are techniques you can use to make even coloring book scribbles look good.


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