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Chris the Lovable Jerk
Chris the Lovable Jerk

Of the three Bioshock games, Infinite is easily the weakest in my eyes. It's a fun game, but as it goes along the story becomes very muddled and confusing (not helped in the slightest by the timeline hopping), while the themes of the first two weren't exactly subtle this one is like a chainsaw to the face with how much it shoves its themes down your throat, the choices offered to the player mean absolutely nothing in the long run, and some of the twists just kinda…make no sense.


You know, I did actually like Bioshock Infinite. I just think it sacrificed a bit too much of it's gameplay to really be memorable outside it's story, which is fine I guess.

Compare it to something like System Shock 2 or even the original Bioshock and you can see the issue. I would compare it with Deus Ex Human Revolution but that game tried harder to be a actual immersive sim while Infinite was basically just a FPS with almost zero roleplaying elements.


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