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Mistress Fortune
Mistress Fortune

Also tell them these:

"Whomever suggests launching it in May, don't listen to them, it will fuck over your relations with third parties and retailers."

"Sony is going to price the PlayStation at $100 less than the Saturn. Make them the same price and deal with the hardware revenue losses by making sure the software is adequately advertised to sell high numbers."

"Look I'll be straight with you and say maybe you should just bite the bullet and let Sonic Team in japan handle all work on a 3D Sonic instead of Sega Technical Institute. Yuji Naka and some of the other Japanese designers have huge egos and think the American designers are showing them up. Just let the prima donnas make a new Sonic for the Saturn and you'll do better in the long run."


in reply to Kommando_Kaijin

I'm willing to compromise and suggest Sega CS3 develops the Sonic Crackers concept into a Saturn title. After all, the 32X is in many ways a downscaled Saturn, and the Saturn could've used a game in late 1995 to show off those next-gen sprite-based graphics.

In 1995, 2D platformers were still doing well (Gex, Lion King, Rayman, Yoshi's Island, etc), so Saturn Chaotix probably would've gotten more attention.


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