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Obama became president because Star Trek Voyager sucked.

No really. Voyager was having some bad rating so the producers hired Jeri Ryan to boost the rating with her sweet T&A. Jeri Ryan was having a rocky marriage with Senate race hopeful Jack Ryan. Her TV role put further strain on their relationship and lead to a very messy divorce. The details of the divorce got leaked to the public and forced Jack Ryan to drop out of the Senate campaign. This allowed Obama to easily win a race against the carpetbagger Alan Keyes. Obama was able to use his position as Senator to catapult into a successful presidential run just a few years later.

Mistress Fortune
Mistress Fortune

I feel it needs to be noted that the article being referenced with that last domino is referring to "a worry that radicalization can happen in online gaming spaces." They haven't generalized "gamers" as a whole, rather pointing out online gaming can be another avenue people with extremist views can exploit, not much different from anything else that's online.

I feel that context is VERY important as I really do not want people spreading incorrect information, and given the ADL is very well known for mainly tackling antisemitism I REALLY, REALLY do not want people to fall into some kind of trap where they get taken advantage of by REAL neo nazis who want to try and recontextualize "wanting better game writing and journalism" in to "this is an attack on the aryan race by the jews!"

It pained me to see groups like the alt-right taking advantage of certain people back when Gamergate was still a hot button topic, and I do not want a repeat of that.


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