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Eh, I lived in hunting lands all my life and people still walked the woods. Bear encounters are rare, we basically hunted them to endangered status. Bears are naturally afraid of us and most will take their leave at the sight of you. The real kicker is if you're close to hibernation season OR if they have cubs around. Bears will almost always attack if you're near their young.

Side note: this is mostly to do with black bears. Grizzlies are a whole different ball game.


this is not the entire story.

That's mostly because of safety procedures, as a baseline a lot of people dont go and wander into the woods on their own and much less if there is a bear, and when bears DO appear they are usually dealt with pretty quickly by authorities SPECIFICALLY because they can be very very dangerous, a bear will hesitate to attack a large group, but a bear will totally attack a lone person opportunistically.


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