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Mistress Fortune
Mistress Fortune

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Wii U controller still stands out among the other system's controllers if only because of the touchscreen (though yes it does have a touchscreen-less alternative which looks kinda like a 360 controller). Plus some games, like ZombiU, show off some nice uses for the controller.

Nintendo's acknowledged they didn't do the best job showcasing the controller's functionality during 2013 (Pikmin 3 in particular they outright said "use the Wii remote" since it was originally supposed to be a Wii game), so they're planning on showing off more games later this year that will make use of the touch screen and the NFC technology that's built into the controller.

The DS already showed that touch screen gaming can work well with more traditional games, so hopefully the Wii U eventually starts to become more of a "DS in console form."


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