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Hulks Stand is The Hulk
Hulks Stand is The Hulk

5 star Metroid Prime Hunters Noxus main here, and I'm here to tell ya bout quality vs quantity

Only about 9 of those 26 maps saw a lot of play anyway. Battle hall, Alinos Gateway, The final boss arena with the omega cannon, a couple other Alinos maps, Arcterra gateway and broken bridge, and that was about it. Also a few of those maps were just a medium and large version of the same map.

The game ALSO had terrible balance problems with the weapons, Imperialist OP, other than that Sylux's affinity tether and Noxus's shadowfreeze judicater exploit made only about 3 hunters used and only those 3 weapons.

Finally, only 1 game mode was available for random play, and it was arguably the worst one that highly favored the already imbalanced weapons, the other 6 required friends, and as we all know, TFW no friends/friends think nintendo is for kids/don't even know what metroid is.

This isn't directed at OP, just anyone who might see those numbers and assume that it's a good argument.

I actually like Splatoon's release over time, as it can give the extended lifetime of a game usually provided by DLC as just updates, I'm not a big fan of how big a deal Amiibo is on the games content though :/
Also the idea that NOW they're rushing games because of the Wii U's poor library is funny


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