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Last posted Jun 06, 2009 at 07:59AM EDT. Added Jun 05, 2009 at 07:39PM EDT
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Anyone seen this new Comedy Central series (think it premiered yesterday).

It is sort of a modernized take on Americas funniest home videos, except it chases down famous or new Viral Videos and generates some good humor out of it.

It also dabble heavily in meme-ology. The premier featured Kato Kalin doing an impression of Keyboard Cat…hilarity ensued.

While not all Viral Videos are Memes, some certainly cross over. It will be interesting to keep an eye on it.

A hilarious feature of the show is the “second chance” feature where they track down epic fails and give them a chance at redemption. The first installment found Afro Ninja, and allowed him to execute his aborted backflip…this time it was perfection.

Next week? Miss South Carolina!!!!!

1. Daniel Tosh is pretty funny.
2. The interwebnets are full of funny.
3. Combine the two.
4. PROFIT!!!

(see what i did there, left out the ??? to try and be funny… yeah not so much.)

When I saw the commercials for this new series the first thing came to mind was FAIL; and FAIL it did. The first thing that yelled at my ears was the overuse of the laugh-track. JESUS RAPTOR CHRIST!!! The only other show I remember abusing the laugh-track straight out of the gate was whatever the hell that Steve Carell show on Fox was. Yeah, it’s that bad.

Second thing. Old memes are old. Farting preacher? Come on Comedy Central at least try! Ebaum’s at least TRIES to pretend to try!

Third thing. Bad writing and bad delivery. Like I said, I find Daniel Tosh pretty funny, when he’s telling his own jokes. Josh suffers from prompteritis pretty bad and his delivery is sometimes painful to watch. The jokes I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on… me thinks Comedy Central’s “writers” had a lot to do with that.

There is just so much more, but overall IMHFO, Comedy Central basically tried to apply “The Soup” formula to the webs and managed to deliver a huge fuckload of FAIL; maybe even FALE. I found it hard to sit through the entire show and I don’t really see it getting any better as it ages. If this thing makes it to a second season I’ll be amazed. It will get no more DVR loving from over here.


Show sucks.


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