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pweez tellme vy... where's Tsimfuckis

Last posted Jun 17, 2009 at 10:15PM EDT. Added Jun 17, 2009 at 12:44PM EDT
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Why is there no mention of Tsimfuckis on this site yet? Google shows a result here, but there’s no content.

I think Justin, AKA Tsimfuckis, AKA Tsimbidis, AKA Chick3n Lil is a worthy meme.

We’ve got some pretty loose standards. A lot of pages on this site aren’t exactly what you want to show to your grandma, but we draw the line at exploiting someone with a serious and life-shortening disability.

Pedobear is ok, but tsimfuckis isnt?

He put all those videos online himself originally.

Its not funny because he has a condition, its funny because of this things he is saying and doing. To deny his rightful place on your site is down right discrimination! Don’t hate on the poor guy just because he’s different. his condition is only skin deep, his comedy is immortal.

I think you guys are missing the boat on this one.

Okay Sam, you may be right about the humour not 100% being about his disability, but there are plenty of people who act the same way and are most certainly not memes, what sets him apart is his illness. We’ll talk about it but don’t hold your breath.

Oh, and I see what you did there with the whole “reverse discrimination” ploy. Smart tactic, but it’s not going to work.

I think his stealers picture, booooum box, and purple walls set him apart.

He’s a meme whether he has a condition or not, you guys are the authority on memes, I just think you guys should include him for the sake of being thorough.

do it tastefully- explain what his story is, mention how he drew so much traffic, explain his condition, maybe even offer some way to support research or something.

The N word isnt a happy word, but its still in the dictionary, isn’t it?

I like that you guys interact directly with your visitors, thats pretty cool. I’m not going to try to act like a /b/tard but I’m just saying you guys should find a way to throw him up here. You guys are smart, it can be done tastefully.


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