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Are these memes ?

Last posted Aug 30, 2009 at 12:27AM EDT. Added Aug 29, 2009 at 02:59PM EDT
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So, I come here because I think it’s a safer way to present some “things” I came across on the internet without directly passing by the entry system.

My last three entries led to some great arguments and had me consufed about what could be qualified as a meme.

I think I tought its meaning, even with the Yatta’s commands but it seems that I was wrong.
I’m not losing anything asking prior to make an entry on these two things, because here, i’m not really sure what to think of it.

- I’ve found something related to LOLjesus. I Thought that was mentionned here at least once but I haven’t seen it.

It’s about Jesus-alwayswithme parodies. Lot et lot of pictures depicting a drawn Jesus in everyday’s life have been modified with humoristic sentences. With the humor, it’s also a way of showing the creepiness coming froms the pictures.

Some sites have been created for the parodies.

- There is a template of a ms paint thing that have really no name other than “No Joe No !” appearing for some time.

It depictes a short story about a girl who announces that she want to break with her boyfriend and his reaction afterward, generally putting some mask on and acting like the “It’s goofy time !” meme.

Can these two “things” be memetic ? Do they worth further research or is it a dead end ?

The best way to know if something is memetic or not is to find derivatives and parodies of it online.

I know there are a lot of Jesus spoofs out there and some of them are funny, but I’m just not sure if those things are memetic enough. I know that it’s the same thing to taking a picture of a cat and adding caption to it, but… I just don’t know about it. Admins, please help.

Now, the “No Joe, No!!!!!” thing MIGHT be a meme. I’m just not sure how you can prove it if it’ll be hard to search for derivatives of it on the net, considering the words “no” and “Joe” are pretty common. Keep lurking moar and maybe you’ll find out if it is.

I agree with Cooper about the jesus ones.

The No joe no is not goofy time, it’s snake’s attack when you get the Smash Ball in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. You should do some more searching, I thought it was funny.

Actually, I’ve found plenty of derivatives of the same “No, Joe, No !” thing, even the template for both the guy or the girl. I just posted one of them to see if it appealed anything to you.
But I didn’t succeed in finding the origin of it. The farest date I could retrieve was around 2008.
If it worth an entry to expose all I could find in term of pictures, then I’ll make one.

Concerning the Jesus ones, can I then dump the pictures I’ve found on the LoLjesus entry ?


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