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Moe Anthropomorphism

Last posted Oct 07, 2009 at 06:23PM EDT. Added Oct 05, 2009 at 06:44PM EDT
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Since Blah made an article for Green Dam Girl, it got me thinking that Moe Anthropomorphism itself should be considered a meme. There’s too many derivatives of it to account only certain aspects of it (Green Dam, Beako, etc.) I think it should be covered as a whole topic. What do you guys think?

- Wikipedia

Don’t worry, Pterodactyl. I’m not going to leave any stone unturned. I only cited some example which are already present on the database. There’s much MUCH more to cover out there than just these few babies.

I’m guessing they’d be grouped in with Vista-tan. After all, Vista-tan is an anime representation of software as well. It’s debatable.

As for whether this should be added, I’d say yes. As a parent entry, that is.

Posting with Moe Anthropomorphism as a meme is problematic. The thought of anthropomorphism itself is too broad and probably existed since the beginning of cartoons. Moe anthropomorphism is just a sub-genre of anthropomorphism, and just drawn in style of anime, which has been around since 1960.

The reason why I submitted Green Dam Girl and Beako is because they were non-mainstream characters created and popularized by ordinary people on the internet. This is the same for OS-tans; one person created a set of characters, which many people liked, and made fan art and derivatives, similar to Touhou.

So I have stated my position clearly. Any thoughts?

BTW, Windows 7-tan get an official design from Microsoft. :D

@ Blah

That’s the point I’m trying to get at. I just left out the word “INTERNET” in explaining this because I thought that that was the standard idea in our minds concerning proposed Internet Memes. I’ve seen enough examples of Moe Anthropomorphism on the net to believe that it needs an article for itself, even if it’s just a parent article.

BTW, are you going to make an article for the OS-tans because they’re my favorite Moe characters. It would be nice to see an article of them on here.

Thnaks Blah, I’ve lost it, I even forgot Cirno was in EoSD, shame on me.
And Yuudon Neetuno, I could do it for you, but it wouldn’t look to good, I haven’t drawn anime in a while, but if you can get me an idea of what you want, I’ll be happy too.

Windows 7-tan is a cutie. Also, I’ve seen fanart of Angels/Evas as girls, so we could maybe squeeze them in…

As far as I can hate anime/yaoï fangirls/boys (like Kefka here):

I’ll add what I’ve already said elsewhere. Beako has been considered a meme. Beako is a moe anthropomorphism.
What would be the best ?
To have a general entry that summed up that kind of trend, with all Moe anthropomorphic entries as a sub-meme, or to have separate entries for each instance ?

For organizational purposes, an entry that summed up what moe anthropomorphism is and how it relates to internet memes, with each meme listed as a sub-meme would be better. I’m not saying that that’s the only way we could go about it, but it’s a lot neater than having a bunch of related memes scattered all over the database.

Why would you even bring up Yaoi?


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