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Audition for the Voices of KYM-Tan & Deadpool-Kun

Last posted Jun 20, 2012 at 10:58AM EDT. Added Jun 19, 2012 at 01:05AM EDT
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I wasn’t going to post this thread here yet, because the “secret project” these voices are gonna be for is still really early in production. However, Mr. J didn’t object to me posting when I posted in the IRC about it, so here’s what I want…

I need voices for the following lines:

For KYM-Tan: (Female)
• “Gotcha!”
• “Hold It!”
• “Take That!”
• “Objection!”
• “+1 Confirm!”

For Deadpool-Kun (Male)
• “Gotcha!”
• “Hold It!”
• “Take That!”
• “Objection!”
• “+1 Deadpool!”

By now, you can probably guess exactly what this “secret project” is. If you want proof, of it’s existence, below is a 30 second clip I recorded (with a potato) of an early prototype.

Upload your recordings anywhere, and either PM me a link or provide the link below!

Also, here is the only reference shot I can find with both of these characters in the same image:
<img src=‘’’>


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Audio-quality does not matter. There is also no need to provide download links (although this is GREATLY appreciated), as I have special way of recording the computer’s speakers with 0% loss of detail.

Don’t worry if you don’t get your voice in. You may be able to help out with art, sound, animation, scripts or other-related stuff too! (more info on how you can do this in a later thread)

Also, anyone who submits a voice, but doesn’t get the role or help with other stuff will still be credited in the “Special Thanks” section of the credits… AS LONG AS YOU TELL ME YOUR ACTUAL FIRST AND LAST NAME! :3

Thank you.

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Herobrine wrote:

Wait, you want a voice? Okay.

Is it good enough? I did it with right grammar and spelling!

ahahaha just how HIGH do you even have to be to type something like that?

Stay on topic plz. You can joke like that in the actual development thread (coming soon).

This thread is srs bznz. At least TRY to get a recording online, mkay? :3

Record music and voice >>
The “Gotcha!” sounded a little weird to me… If you’d like I could redo it. I thought that Deadpool-kun would sound more like Deadpool the superhero. Oh well, just me being a newfag. I don’t expect you to pick me, but it’d be pretty cool if you did. But it’s cool. The game seems awesome, though. Keep up the good work!

Zach Dragon Rage wrote:

Ill post mine. What are the inflections though?
Like “gotcha”(i scared you) or “gotcha”(i got you) etc.
Please reply how you want me to say them all.

Being that it’s ace attorney based, it will probably more like “I caught you out”. In the game, it’s said when Apollo Justice notices a certain habit a witness has, which shows they are hiding something. Hope that helps.

well at least if you do more characters… like submission senpai…I knw I can win…
Dammit Alejandro and your retry!
Get ready for my RETRY tomorrow!

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So umm… how many people knew these characters existed before you saw this thread?
I was there when they were created….
Oh the development of Deapool-Kun… such a cute little boy with his pet tacgnol. His reverse 1 on his plus 1 deadpool scythe. His advice animal tie…. Why am I going on heres a picture.


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