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2013 New Years Resolutions

Last posted Dec 28, 2012 at 05:44PM EST. Added Dec 26, 2012 at 07:41PM EST
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1.) Listen to all of Atlas’ lines from Bioshock nonstop for a while until I can perfect his accent
2.) Start up a running routine again
3.) Start learning more sign language in my down time

I sure as hell know how to prioritize, don’t I.

Crimson Locks wrote:

- Get a new job/apply to college
- Make sure to not lose contact with friends
- Draw/paint more
- Don’t lose my head so fucking much

These are exactly mine, minus painting since I can’t paint.
Ahhh I hate having to grow up _

Hmm… let’s see:
- Make more scientific stuff, maybe publish something
- Learn how to make good software documentations
- Be more social
- Stop worrying so much (I know I can’t do that, but whatever…)
- Learn to draw

For me, it’s:
- Get a six pack
- Get better at drawing
- Start my novel
- Make new friends
There’s also this cute girl who I think likes me and I sorta like her so I’m planning on asking her out after the break.

Growing up really isn’t that bad as Crimson said, or maybe it is, it depends on a lot of things.

Lets see:
-Get a job: that might actually be done later today
-Study more: was already planning on that, I’ll be doing this for certain
-Read more/Less VGs: started last year, it’s working so far

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@Crimson Locks

>Make sure to not lose contact with friends

This has been so important to me. During high school and college, I made so many friends that I’m still in touch with now, and many of them have shown to be sincerely good and trustworthy friends. I wish you luck in that. Just knowing that people are out there who care about you and want to see how you’re doing is really important for your morale when you’re away in school (or when you’re just away.)


Be more social. Be suave. Slick. #Swagg. Okay, I lied about the last part.

Go, and find that confidence. Learn about yourself, learn about people on the whole, learn about individuals (by being observant, not being stalky.) I think that’s been important to me in being able to talk to people from different backgrounds. The confidence helps when people sorta smirk or pick at your attempts to be social.

It’s very stressful to sorta “calcuate” and consciously be smooth (and I can’t say that I am smooth,) but that’s what current friends are for: they won’t be tricked by nice clothes, a neat haircut, and conversational skills.
Go you. I hope you get a lot of positive feedback when you realize your full potential for being social.


(seriously guys help me I can’t cook worth shit/not singe everything to a crisp)

I’d only suggest:

  1. Cooking things at a lower temperature.
  2. Paying attention to what you’re cooking.

I can’t think of any food that has to reach an internal temperature of more than 180’ F to be safe to eat, so rarely will you have to cook anything at a temperature of higher than 400’ F (I doubt the oven goes higher than 500’.) Also, if you have them, pay close attention to any directions you have. Once you get that dish down, then you can change things up as you see fit.
If you’re cooking on the stove, then that’s where paying attention comes into play. Try not to leave the kitchen, and try not to do anything else that requires a lot of attention or anything.

So you might wash dishes, clean up your mess from preparing things, play a quick minigame on a handheld system, or something. If you’re by the stove while doing these things, then you should be able to hear when something is beginning to burn (if not smell it, but that would be a little too late.)

If you do have a handheld, then estimate how long a certain event takes and translate it to how long it should take to cook a food/how long you need before you flip the food/add another ingredient/etc. For example, if you were playing Pokémon, then a wild Pokemon battle might last 30 seconds, and most trainer battles might take me 2 minutes depending on the opponents number of Pokemon. If you need to flip your bacon after 5 minutes, then play a couple of trainer battles or 6 to 8 wild battles, and then check your food. If you know that it should take around 5 minutes, then don’t go back to playing if the bacon isn’t ready to flip yet. It should be ready in a minute or two.

If that doesn’t help, then experience and paying attention to what goes wrong will help, if only a little. You may only go from a 2/10 microwave guy to a 5/10 college-level chef, but if you can find out why your food keeps burning, then you can do whatever you need to personally to do something different.
Maybe there’s something in all of that which is helpful and not something you’ve already tried.


Get a six pack

Routine (you might also track down Dac and ask him.) I can generally just do 50 crunches a day and maintain decent abdominal tone. If you can swim, then that will work out just about everything.

Speaking of swimming, that’s about the only time I can “show-off” my own body. But there have been moments where girls ask to feel your abs, because they can sometimes see them through your shirt.
It’s a good feel that every bro should feel. I hope it goes well for you.

As for me, yes, the New Year isn’t a great time psychologically to make resolutions. If you begin to fail, then you get disappointed (because you missed out on the motivation of beginning a new year on a good note) or apathetic (because another new year won’t be around for 10 or 11 months).

But any honest, planned attempt to improve oneself is a good thing. So I’m not really against New Year’s Resolutions as long as you have substantial resolve.
But now that I’m done with grad school, I need to:

  • Become a better person/Christian.
  • Learn more about my weaknesses and shortcomings as a person.
    • Not worry as much about what other people think (in certain situations.)
  • Keep up with my friends and family better.
  • Do the things I want to do, like martial arts, exercising, trying new things, doing jigsaw puzzles, playing games I’ve always wanted to play, hearing new music on my own terms…things like that.

Spending so much time (mostly just mental effort) on academia helped to remove my motivation for…everything. I’ve only been back home a couple of days, but I’m beginning to feel better now. I’m going to use that motivation to get back to being the (Verbose) I was in high school and early in undergrad (but with a few more years of experience under my belt.)

Last edited Dec 27, 2012 at 01:06PM EST

I find dashes to be extremely boring. I have decided to use arrows:
>Put my mind into more important things more often.
>Fap less
>Work more
>Stop procrastinating
>Build upper-body strength
>Cuss less
>Less electronics (this will be a bit harder than all of the other resolutions)
>Be less introvert
>Socialize more.

And that should take my whole year. Damn, I really have to put procrastination first next year.

Meh, I’ll do it later.

I have 4
-Practice drawing anatomies every day
-Work out three times a week for 8 months
- Don’t miss anymore days of school (i’ve missed 15 getting me in trouble with the magistrate)
- Stick to my resolution rather than giving up on it in a week.

Getting to bed earlier more often would be nice. Other than that, though:
-Moar charity/helping others
-Greater creativity (making music instead of just listening to it, for example)
-Writing more
-Over analyze stuff less
-Not be such a self-assured jerk

My goals for this year are to 1) pay more attention to my education 2) to weigh 195-200 lbs at 12-10% body fat.

In order to have a six pack, your bodyfat should be at about 10-9%, so a good diet and cardio will be the most important thing. You can’t target fat loss, so don’t just do crunches. You can actually have abs without crunches as long as your bodyfat is low. What verbose suggested was really good, swimming is great cardio and is a complete body workout. Good luck!

Tim the Enchanter wrote:

My New Years Resolution is not to make a New Years Resolution because they never work.

But if you do that then wont you actually stick with it therefore breaking your resolution by making one and sticking to it technically?


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