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RPG Thread: Monsters & Magic

Last posted Mar 05, 2013 at 05:22PM EST. Added Mar 01, 2013 at 03:08AM EST
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“Know ye the tales of the long forgotten realm of Altoria, a land of wonders and perils the like of which exist not in our world today. In the Altorian year of the lion, a great evil power would make it’s first move at world domination, striking in secret from the shadows. Against this dark force, only the four warriors of destiny could stand. This is their story.”

So yeah, this game will have four players. You come up with a character, including their personality, background and items possessed (no magic items at level 1!) The character will have the following abilities: STRENGTH, AGILITY, CONSTITUTION, INTELLECT, MAGIC. Roll an ordinary six-sided dice 3 times and add up the numbers to get each score. (Meaning scores will be from 3-18). High strength means your character can wield big weapons and move heavy objects. High constitution means they can take hits better. High agility means they can dodge and balance more easily. High intellect is useful for solving problems. High magic means they can cast better spells.
Classes aren’t strictly defined here, but your scores will give you a good idea of what your character can do.

More on the setting: Altoria consists mainly of grassland with a few forests and rivers. It has several major city-states and many villages and farms. There are also a few mountains in the northern parts. You can choose from the following races:
*Human (urban)- a human from the city. No stat bonuses or penalties.
*Human (rural)- a human from a farm or small village. No bonuses or penalties.
*Human (barbarian)- a fierce hunter of the wild. +1 strength, +1 agility, -2 magic
*Dwarf -a short stocky bearded dude from Nidavellir mountain. +1 constitution, -1 agility
*Elf -a slim, fair, pointy-eared dude from the forest kingdom Elfland. +1 magic, -1 strength

I shall be the GM, of course. Who’s in?

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Alright, here goes:
Name: Irma Eifell
Race: Human (Rural)
Specialty: Support Magic
Personality: Your name is Irma Eifell, you were born and raised in a small mining town in the northern mountains. As the only one in your town with the aptitude for magic, you have decided to put it to practical uses, mainly on healing, and moving rocks. The fact that you help a lot with the mines made you hardy and quick on your feet to try and stop as many cave-ins as you can. The long time spent in the mines made your lungs kind of weak, and you’re not very strong. Your small town upbringing means you don’t have a lot of social knowledge, and you tend to be pretty blunt and straight-to-the point. You mean well, are as loyal as a dog, and have a pretty strong protective instinct, but you’re pretty gullible and superstitious. Despite being raised in a cold climate, you are always cold, and constantly get teased because you still look like a child. You have an extreme fascination with experimenting with potions, and love seeing the effects they have, whether intended or not.

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Name: Douglas Jay
Race: Human (Urban)
STR: 15
AGI: 12
CON: 13
INT: 12
MAG: 17
Specialty: Offensive Magic
Personality: A boy born in one of the major cities, Douglas Jay was just your average Joe growing up.

Then he discovered that he had an aptitude for magic.

He decided to train. He trained, and trained, and trained. He made himself stronger, faster, and smarter (Although he focused mainly on Magic training), and can use magic to boost any of those three He has a high arsenal of Offensive magic, but neglected to learn defensive magic. As he finished his training, he decided the don the costume of his favorite game character, Captain Falcon. He has a lot of bravado in this guise, and will never back down from a challenge. He has no weapons, as he trained in fist fighting. He uses moves inspired from the Hokuto Shinken style of fighting. Because of all his time spent training, he doesn’t speak all that much.

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Name: Ivo Eggbotnik
Race: Human (Urban)
Specialty: Defensive Magic
Personality: An intelligent young lad, Ivo was always trying to prove himself.

He would often impress his inner circle of friends with his high puzzle-solving skill and limited knowledge of magic. As he grew older, he became more agile, mainly from large amounts of time adventuring in the woods during his later childhood as his parents allowed him more freedom to adventure. He retained this agility even as he gained weight and grew into a young, intelligent man. He sports a very lush mustache, which has since become his “trademark”.

He often relies on his problem-solving abilities in combat to determine an opponent’s weaknesses, and usually tries to avoid actual physical combat, relying on his agility to dodge opponent’s attacks, and then he quickly counter-strikes.

He also has a strange and seemingly irrational fear of hedgehogs.

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So people are going to use their avatars as their characters? That calls for a name and picture change.
Name: Meredi Burn

(I’ll put a better version in my gallery later.)


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Name: David T’nante
Race: Human (Rural)
MAG: 12
Specialty: Stealth+Agility (Essentially a rogue)
Personality: An enigmatic fellow with a sharp wit and reflexes to match.

He has a charitable personality and wisdom beyond his early twenty-something years. He doesn’t have many friends, but he has an aptitude for making them. As he is a free-spirited wanderer, he is never is the same place for very long. He is a kind and just soul, but he recognizes no authority but his own sense of right and wrong. He tends to shout the word “Allons-y!” when excited (i.e. a toast to someone’s recent victory in battle.) He has an unusual fascination with the number thirteen, he would slit a man’s throat for a banana, and he avoids pears like the plague. He gained the nickname “Doc” among his childhood peers for being so wise despite his agrarian upbringing. When he must stick to an alias, or simply wished to protect his identity, he uses the name Doc.

When he was young, his entire village was wiped out in a long conflict with a local group of conscience-less bandits whose entire desire seemed to be to kill, rape, and pillage. Although his village put up a valiant fight, eventually they were wiped out with him and his arch rival as the only two survivors. His counterpart went on to become a fearsome mercenary sergeant, while he took to the lifestyle of a drifter

He tends to avoid combat, as well as any violence at all for that matter. He is content to charm, sneak, and bluff his way through life. When he does fight, he’d either outflank the enemy, or rely on the strength of his allies while defending their flanks and formulating a strategy.

Picture (No spoiler because HTML hates me)

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“One day in early autumn, in the year of the lion, a chance meeting took place.”

You all meet in an inn. Specifically, the Wise Unicorn Inn, in the village of Caldan, in western Altoria. The inn is like others of it’s ilk, dingy yet comfortable, where travelers from all across the land may rest awhile. There’s the usual talk: complaints about the weather, the nobility, and all manner of other trivialities; travelers discussing where they are bound and why; and the more troubling talk of increases in raids by bandits and trolls, as well as various superstitious ill omens.

What catches the ears of each of you is a conversation between a well-dressed local, the mayor of Caldan, and a tough-looking swordsman. You hear snatches of conversation, among them “taken in the night,” “they say they came from the abandoned fort in the hills just north of here,” and “any gold we can spare as a reward.” What do you do?

“It’s no secret,” said the mayor. “Several people of our village have gone missing. A witness says it were a group of bandits, likely holed up in the ruined fort north of Caldan. Those bastards have taken people from the outlying farms, and villagers what have wandered too far on their own. Now nobody feels safe. I’ve hired Roran here, and he’s agreed to lead an expedition to try and get them back.” Roran the swordsman, who had been silently assessing Irma, said “You’re white-magic user, a healer, aren’t you? I could use someone with those skills on the mission, if your interested. There’s a reward of course.”

Do you accept? And do the others offer to join?

Ivo suddenly rises in the table behind him.

“I’ll accept your offer.”

The sudden gesture, combines with Ivo’s… generous size (both in height and… width…) would be enough to catch most people off-guard, however, Ivo spends no time hestitating.

“I am proficient in magic as well, though I’m certainly not the best. I am well-rounded in my abilities and am capable of wielding weapons, though I prefer to not soil my hands, and I often am a defensive combatant, as I prefer to strategize. So I would be willing to accept your offer. For a price, of course.”

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“I will help.” Meredi says, “There is no need to pay me, I simply wish to protect those who cannot protect themselves.” She turns and looks at the others who offered to join, “We should leave as soon as we can.”

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So the heroes were introduced, as was Roran, who would be leading the expedition. Roran estimates around three dozen bandits with standard weapons: axes, spears, the occasional sword or bow.

The next day you all venture forth into the northern hills. That evening, you reach the old fort, and can see the bandits setting up camp. You can see several villagers being forced to perform chores. “I’ll scout ahead,” says Roran. “When I give the signal, I want Douglas to cast magic into their ranks to cause havoc and confusion. David, you’ll sneak in and free the prisoners, Irma go with him, in case any need healing. I’ll engage those that come after you, while Ivo casts buffs on me.”

So Roran sneaks off, while the party waits patiently. Suddenly, a dozen bandits rush you from all sides!

^Good question:

2 spells/day at 1st level, except Davros (David).

Doug: Fire-burst, shocking touch
Irma: Cure light wounds x2
Ivo: shield (self or other, he picks), minor anti-magic
Dave: Invisibility; can also backstab for double damage


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