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What's your excuse?

Last posted Oct 23, 2013 at 11:32PM EDT. Added Oct 22, 2013 at 11:27PM EDT
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During my last semester of graduate school with limited free time and tons of debt, I got a stomach infection associated with a drastic increase in stomach cancer which prevented me from sleeping due to becoming nauseated from the stomach acid overproduction and the inflammation in my intestines. After going to the doctor after 2 months of this, ulcers had already begun to develop. The doctor put me on a regimen that further irritated my stomach and exacerbated my poor eating habits and schedule.

By the time the infection was eradicated, I had dropped to 103 lbs with clothes on. Despite the months of Nexium, the ulcers and inflammation persisted the nurse and doctor said that effects of the infection may last indefinitely. As such, I still cannot consume enough calories on a light day to maintain my body weight or have a protein intake considerable enough to build muscle. This is in the midst of finding a job in a new city which often has me working well into evening hours, moving, adjusting, and dealing with a full-on adult lifestyle with no financial support beyond debt collectors who are understanding of my situation.

It took me about 10 months to gain the 12 lbs. I could and still be 20 lbs. underweight and 10 lbs. from my original weight.

I can still bench 165 lbs. About 150% of my body weight. I can still run a mile in under 9 minutes.
…is that excuse enough?

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I have a habit of over-thinking, I am overstressed, I have illnesses, people hate me, my computer got hacked, school, damn high school, projects every week

I don’t think this is supposed to happen to a 14 year old.

What’s a whey protein again?

That sucks bro, I’m sorry to here that, Im glad to hear that you are doing better and that you are tying to put the weight back on.

@Lone K

This guy holds a top position on student council and still finds time to work out.

whats your excuse again?

This is a joke thread guys, don’t take it too seriously

Dac wrote:

He was born and lived his life underground with limited resources, no gym, and no whey protein…
What’s your excuse again?

You dont need a gym when there is no junk or fast food around and you are basically fighting for your life everyday.

Kurenai wrote:

The only reason I go on the internet is because of my low self esteem. If I looked like Kamina, I wouldn’t grace KYM with my presence.

Haha, like anyone cares about

My excuse? Well, I’m in great shape but if it weren’t for the horrible combination of Internet, Ponies, Video Games and working all day I’d be a fucking body builder right now and I’d fucking rip you all apart you all got that needle dicks?! Oh and I’m fucking lazy, why go out and try to become a body builder when that couch looks so… nice.


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