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5 Jokes For Free

Last posted Dec 16, 2013 at 07:19PM EST. Added Dec 16, 2013 at 01:11AM EST
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1. Mr Brian Went to a shop to buy a Hearing Aid.
Brian > Gimme a Hearing aid please?
Salesman> We have it starting from $5 to $5000, Which one do you want?
Brian> Gimme that $5 One.
SM> This is it.
Brian> But it has nothing in it? it;s just the hearing aid body. How would it help me?
SM> Lol, when people will notice you wearing a hearing aid they will talk louder for sure. and that’s how it’ll help you.:P
2. 3 Doctors went for duck hunting.
Kids Doctor > Hmm, it looks like a duck, flies like a duck.. hmm it’s a duck. Duck flew away,,couldn’t hunt it.
Doctor of Medicine> Opened his book, read some, then said> hmm the book says it’s a duck
shot it but it was out of range…
Surgeon> Shot the duck instantly, and ordered other buddies, go check, Is it a duck or not.

3. A Patient was escaping through the hospital door . Gate man stopped him,
Gate man> Why are you escaping?
Patient> I am afraid of the operation. The nurse twas telling " don’t be afraid, it’s a simple operation, will take a few moments..
Gate man> she told right, she was trying to make you brave .
Patient> F**k off, The Nurse was talking with Surgeon.

4. Guy Talking with his GF.
Guy> I can share everything with you, My Feelings, sorrows, good, bad everything.
GF> Ohh i see, let’s start with your ATM Card Pin Number.

5. A Guy Went to a Museum. Suddenly broke a Chair.
Guard came running and shouted what have you done? It’s a 400 year old Chair.
Guy answered> Ohh thanks bro, i thought it’s a new chair. thanks god..

If you’ve likes any of my Jokes U are welcome to check My Troll Physics Blog

If you’ve likes any of my Jokes U are welcome to check My Troll Physics Blog

I didn’t like any of your jokes and i am not going to see your blog. Good day.


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