Crazy Frog Brothers

Crazy Frog Brothers

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The Crazy Frog Brothers is a homemade video of two kids dancing around their basement and lip-syncing to the song “Axle F” (“Crazy Frog” was actually a character used to market the song and a ringtone, unrelated to our two heroes).


The oldest YouTube video which seems to be the original is “Crazy Frog Bros” posted by user nalobi[1] the 15th of July 2006. While the boy in the black tanktop appears to be acting tough, his redshirt amigo partakes in dance moves that make even the best ravers look like schizophrenic mental patients trying to attack wheelchairs. Serious skills indeed. They produced 4 takes of the video (!) but the first is considered “the original” (and funniest). The video was heavily shared & re-uploaded. Numerous copies of the video have been taken down, making an assessment of the views to be practically impossible.

‘Crazy Frog’ brand/ringtone

The actual “Crazy Frog”[2] was a character used to promote an annoying 2006 ringtone that was based on a computer animation called “The Annoying Thing” made by Swedish student Erik Wernquist, which was itself based on a foley soundeffect of a two-stroke moped engine created by Daniel Malmedahl.


Originally the audio was removed for copyright infringement, but more recently Axel F has begun using YouTube’s “monetize” options to sell MP3s and ringtones, cashing in on the video’s nearly 13 million views.

Starting nearly immediately after the July 2006 video, many parodies with modified faces appeared on Youtube, inspired by gif animations made on it

Following up

In 2007 the original, Take 3 and Take 4 were made available on the Youtube account frogvids.[3] While they don’t list their names in the account, descriptions are written as though they are the kids in the video.

Gates in childhood

On March 23rd, 2007, the video has been imported to the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND)[4] giving birth to a great fad there called Gate in Childhood (Japanese: 幼少期のゲイツ, Yōshōki no geitsu) because of the slight similarity between the kid in the red shirt and Bill Gates. Then, a collection of "more than 260 videos has been made on NND.[5]

In these videos, the “Gates boy” was mainly characterized as a boy who encourages Japanese people with dirty words. One of the most reccuring expression that can be found is “F**kin’ Jap!” (糞ジャップ共!).

Ojamajo Carnival!![6]

Typically enjoying the Crazy frog videos in their own way, Japanese people have been leaving many comments concerning the slangs used.

Notable Examples

Left: This is Sparta | Right: Caramelldansen

Left: Ravers Nature – Hands up Ravers | Right: Tunak Tunak Tun Dance

Left: 15 yrs later version | Right: Enreactment

Search Interest

External References

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